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Family Circle Easy Knitting Fall 2002

Family Circle Easy Knitting Fall 2002

Pattern #17

Raglan armhole shaping, 2nd line should read: 3 sts of chart 1, k16 (18, 22, 26)…..

Pattern #19

Page 83.

Correction is underlined.

Beg sleeves
Next row (RS)
should read: Cast on 3 sts, k3, sl next st to cn….

Pattern #32

Make 2 sides.
For back of hat, omit chart color work, working only in cream for body of hat and black for ears as for front of hat.

Pattern #33

Page 93

Correction is underlined.

HAT – 4th line should read:
**Work in pat for 7 rows…

Pattern #35

First Next Rnd (RS) should read: *K6, pm; rep from * around.