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Knit Simple Winter 2005

Knit Simple Winter 2005

Pattern #8, Scarf

Photo on page 42. Instructions on page 85.

Correction is underlined.

Slip St pattern

Row 1 (RS) K1, *k2, sl 1; rep from * to last 3 sts , k3.

Row 2 K1, purl to last st, k1.

Rep rows 1 and 2 for Slip st pat.

Pattern #29, Boy’s Fair Isle Pullover

Photo on page 66. Instructions in on page 104.

Corrections are underlined.


Sew shoulder seams. Set in sleeves, With RS facing, dp needles and A, pick up and K sts evenly as foll: 17 sts along right, 6 sts across front, 17 sts along left, and 8 sts across the back neck edge for a total of 48 sts. Work in k1, p1 ribbing as foll: 4 rnds A, 3 rnds B, 2 rnds A. Bind off loosely in rib. Sew side and sleeve seams.

Pattern #31, Bear Rugs

Photos on pages 68-69. Instructions on page 106-108.

Corrections are underlined.

The words “baby bear’ were included by error and should be deleted from the schematic page. There is no pattern for a baby bear.


Pick up 34 sts from holder and work in garter st for 1.5”/4cm. Dec 1 st each side every 4th row 8 times – 18 sts, AT SAME TIME, when piece measures 4.5”/11.5cm, place marker at each end of row.