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Knit Simple Spring/Summer 2009

Knit Simple Spring/Summer 2009

Pattern #5 Mesh Hoodie

photo on page 24, instructions on page 53
Updated: 08May2009

Correction is underlined.

Row 2 P2, *p2tog, work (p1, k1) in double yo, p2tog; rep from *, end p2.


Pattern #18 Hairpin Lace

photos begin on pages 33, instructions on page 63
Updated: 19May2009

Caron “Country” is incorrectly mentioned in the “how-to”.
Caron “Spa” was used for the shawl, as noted under Materials on page 63.

After strips have been assembled, finish outer edges as follows:

Using a strand of the outer edge color, leave a 6″ tail and join yarn with slip st to top of first loop, *insert hook into next loop and join with sl st; rep from * until all loops are joined, fasten off leaving a 6″ tail.


Pattern #19 Beach Blanket

photo on page 35, instructions on page 64
Updated: 23Apr2009

The designer’s name is incorrect. Randy Cavaliere designed this crochet blanket.


Pattern #20 Mesh Market Tote

photos on page 36, instructions on pages 64, 65
Updated: 05May2009


First handle
Ch 100, taking care not to twist ch, join ch with 2 sc at marker #2, turn.
Sc in each ch to marker #3, join with 2 sc at marker #3, turn.
Sc in each sc to marker #2, join with 2 sc at marker #2, turn.
Sc in each sc to marker #3, join with 2 sc at marker #3.
Rnd 28 (second half)
Beg at marker #3, work *2 sc in next st, sk next st; rep from * to marker #1.

Second handle
Work same as for first handle between markers #1 and #4. Fasten off.


Pattern #23 Girl’s Tank Top

photos on pages 38 and 39, instructions on page 68
Updated: 25Mar2009

Correction is underlined.

24 sts and 32 rows to 4”/10cm over St st using size 6 (4mm) needles.


Pattern #26 Baby Hat

photo on page 41, instructions begin on page 70
Updated: 11May2009

Correction is underlined.

Shape top
Dec row 3 should end with 48 (56, 64, 64) sts.

Pattern #27 Baby Pullover

photo on page 41, instructions on page 71
Updated: 07Jul2009

Work stripe pattern as 2 rows A, 2 rows B.

Pattern #29 Booties

photo on page 41, instructions on page 72
Updated: 07Jul2009

One pair size 4(3.5mm) needles OR SIZE TO OBTAIN GAUGE

23 sts and 30 rows to 4”/10cm over St st using size 4(3.5mm) needles. TAKE TIME TO CHECK YOUR GAUGE


Pattern #32 Heart Cardi

photos on page 43, instructions on page 75
Updated: 05May2009

Instructions for the neckband were omitted, it should be worked before the front button bands.

Block pieces… and side seams.

With RS facing, larger needles and MC, pick up and knit 57 (61, 65, 65) sts evenly around neck edge. Work in k1, p1 rib for 1”/2.5cm. Bind off.