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Knit Simple Spring/Summer 2007

Knit Simple Spring/Summer 2007

Pattern #7, Collared Tank

Photo on page 32, instructions begin on page 69.

The total number of sts needed for the COLLAR is incorrect.

While working the 13 sts from back neck holder, m1 st — thus increasing to 104 sts.

Pattern #20, Blanket

Photo on pages 46-47, instructions begin on page 83.
Updated: 03Mar2011

The colors were not correctly identified in the text.
The following list gives the correct name and number followed by the color names used in the text

#7691 aegean sea – teal
#7685 burnt orange – umber
#7602 yellow daisy – gold
#7672 grass – green
#7697 spring green – light green
#7688 coral cream – light umber
#7612 lemon butter – light yellow
#7616 natural – white
#7647 pond – blue
#7604 ice blue – light blue

Pattern #27, Baby Booties

Photo on page 52, instructions begin on page 90.

As written this pattern makes the right foot bootie, with the button on the right ankle.

Work the left foot bootie same as for right foot bootie until WS dec row has been worked.
Next row (RS) K9(10), bind off 8(9) sts, k3 for tongue, bind off 8(9) sts, cast on 11(13) sts for ankle strap, k9(10) sts. K 3 rows over these 20 (23) sts, bind off. Reattach yarn to center 3 sts, k 18(20) rows, bind off. Reattach yarn to rem 9(10) sts, k 1(3) rows, bind off.
Work FINISHING as written.

Pattern #29, Garter Pullover

Photo on page 54, instructions begin on page 91.

Correction is underlined.

The number of sts to cast on after neck shaping is incorrect; see below for correction.

Shape neck

Next row (RS)…
Next row (WS)
K33 (40, 46), with yarn from second half, cast on 18 (18, 20) sts for back neck, work to end—33 (40, 46) sts on first side and 51 (58, 66) sts on second side.