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Knit Simple Holiday 2016

Knit Simple Holiday 2016

Pattern #1 Fair Isle Hat

Photo on page 22, instructions begin on page 60.
Updated: 29Dec2016

Correction is underlined.

2 balls in #111 sandy brown (A)
1 ball each in #42 flame (B) and #76 flint (C)


Pattern #17 Textured Poncho

Photo on page 38, instructions begin on page 71.
Updated: 09Apr2018

Correction is underlined.

Beg seed st zig zag
Row 1 (RS)
K2 (selvage sts), sm, work row 1 of seed st zig zag to last 2 sts, sm, k2 (selvage sts).


Pattern #28 Striped Hat with Pompom

photo on page 52, instructions begin on page 83
Updated: 15Dec2016

Corrections are underlined.

1 hank in #1533 (CC)

Row 2 (WS) With MC, p2, *k2, p2; rep from * to end.


Pattern #31 Fingerless Mitts

photo on page 55, instructions begin on page 85
Updated: 26Nov2016

Finishing instructions were inadvertently omitted. When mitt is complete, sew side seam.


Vickie Howell’s Tangled Tee Throw

photo on page 18Updated: 15Dec2016

A revised chart is posted here. [PDF 28KB]

Stitch Glossary
3-st RPC Sl 1 st to cn, hold to back, k2, p1 from cn.
3-st LPC Sl 2 sts to cn, hold to front, p1, k2 from cn.
4-st RC Sl 2 sts to cn, hold to back, k2, k2 from cn.