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Knit Simple Holiday 2012

Knit Simple Holiday 2012

Pattern #1 Cabled Pullover

photo on page 24, instructions on page 58
Updated: 22Jan2013

Correction is underlined.

Row 2 Cast on 10 sts, k to marker, sl marker (sm), p20, sm, knit to end.


Pattern #35 Man’s Ribbed Hat

photo on page 43, instructions on page 81
Updated: 27Mar2013

Corrections are underlined.

K6, P2 RIB
Row 1 (RS) K3, *p2, k6; rep from * , end k3.
Row 2 K the knit sts and p the purl sts.
Rep row 2 for k6, p2 rib.


Pattern #41 Owl Tea Cozy

photo on page 46, instructions on page 85
Updated: 09Jan2013

Corrections are underlined.

After the final decrease row the instructions should read:

Place first 27 sts on 1 needle and next 27 sts on 2nd needle. Join using three-needle bind-off.