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Knit Simple Holiday 2009

Knit Simple Holiday 2009

Pattern #3 Cabled Shrug

photo on page 29, instructions on page 65
Updated: 06Oct2009

Corrections are underlined.

1. Materials, add the following:
• One set (5) size 4 (3.5mm) dpns

2. Cuff Cable Pattern should be worked on smaller (size 4) dpns

3. Sleeve
Next rnd (RS) K around dividing sts evenly between 4 larger (size 9) dpns -……

For all sizes

Cable edging Sts are picked up along crochet lps with smaller (size 4) dpns

4. Finishing
Smaller (size 4) dpns should be used to hold live sts, and for 3-needle bind-off.

Pattern #5 Clutch

photo on page 30, instructions on page 67
Updated: 12Jan2010

Yarn was incorrectly described, correction is underlined, number of skeins needed remains the same.

Cleopatra Ribbon by Tilli Tomas 3.5oz/100g hanks, each approx 65yd/59m (dupioni silk/bead), 2 hanks in atmosphere

Pattern #9 Child’s Poncho

photo on page 54, instructions on page 89
Updated: 15Oct2009

Corrections are underlined.


1. Next rnd With A, k22(22, 24), place second marker, k22(22, 24), sl beg of rnd marker.

2. Work Inc rnd as written to beg of rnd marker.

3. Replace next rnd (work 1 rnd even) with the foll:
Next rnd K1 (center st), p to second marker, sl marker, k1 (center st), p to beg of rnd marker, sl marker. Cont stripe pat in garter st, keeping both center sts in St st, and rep inc rnd as directed.

Pattern #12 Diagonal Scarf

photo on page 53, instructions on page 72
Updated: 30Sep2009

Correction is underlined.

Rep rows 2-5 until there are 40 sts on needle, ending with a RS row.

Pattern #15 Man’s Ribbed Vest

photo on page 42, instructions on page 75
Updated: 28Dec2009

Correction is underlined.

Work in rib as directed, dec 15 (16, 18, 19) sts on last (WS) row – 92(97, 107, 112) sts.

Pattern #28 Bird’s Eye Stockings

photo on page 39, instructions on page 88
Updated: 28Dec2009

Beg heel flap

Next rnd With CC, k15 and turn.
Add the following underlined. sentence:
Next row Sl 1, p29, dropping marker for beg of rnd and working these 30 heel sts onto one dpn.
Leaving 30 sts for instep on hold, cont as written…