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Knit Simple Holiday 2008

Knit Simple Holiday 2008

Pattern #4 Ribbed Hat

photo on page 33, instructions on page 63
Updated: 19Nov2008

Corrections are underlined.

Straight knitting
Row 1(RS)
K3, *p4, k4; rep from *, end k3.

Circular knitting
Crown shaping
Rnd 1
*K1, k2tog, k1, p1, p2tog, p1; rep from * around — 78 sts.

Pattern #12 Round Neck Pullover

photo on page 40, instructions on page 70
Updated: 13Oct2008

Correction is underlined.

With B, cast on 26 (26, 28, 28) sts. Work in k1,p1 rib for 4 rows.
Change to A and work in St st……

Pattern #17 Bag

photo on page 43, instructions on page 73
Updated: 06Jan2009

Correction is underlined.

Row 2
K1, p2, [k2, p2], rep from * , end k1.