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Knit Simple Holiday 2007

Knit Simple Holiday 2007

Pattern #7, Hooded Vest

Photo on page 32, instructions on page 69.

Add the following definition to the STITCH GLOSSARY:

6-st LC Sl 3 sts to cn and hold to front, k3, k3 from cn.

CABLE PATTERN (over 9 sts)
Row 5 is incorrect, replace with the foll:
Row 5 K3, 6-st LC.

Pattern #37, Sheep Afghan

Photo on pages 54 & 55, instructions on page 87.

There is a discrepancy between the charts and instructions regarding the color names for the Naturelle, however the yarn colors are the same.

Here is a list with both color names and the number

Natural/Ecru #550
Parchment/Tan #551
Bark/Brown #552