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Knit Simple Fall 2011

Knit Simple Fall 2011

Pattern #3 Turtleneck Cowl

photo on page 30, instructions begin on page 66
Updated: 01Sep2011

Correction is underlined.

CABLE PATTERN Row 3 [P2, 4-st LC] 2 (2, 3, 3) times, p4, 8-st LC, p8, 4-st LC, k8, 4-st RC, p to end.

Row 11 The cables in the 16-st cable should be reversed so that the 4-st RC is worked first, the 4-st LC is worked next.


Patterns #12 and 13 Mom’s and Girl’s Vest

photo on page 37, instructions begin on page 74
Updated: 17Oct2011


6-st RC should now read 6-st RPC Sl 4 sts to cn and hold to back, k2, [p2, k2] from cn.
6-St LC should now read 6-st LPC Sl 2 sts to cn and hold to front, [k2, p2], k2 from cn.

6-st RC should be changed to 6-st RPC.
6-st LC should be changed to 6-st LPC.


Pattern #15 Hooded Cardigan

photos on page 39, instructions begin on page 77
Updated: 16Aug2011

Correction is underlined.


Shape raglan armhole
Bind off……

Next (dec) row (RS) K2, k2tog, k to last 4 sts, ssk, k2 – 32 (36, 42, 48, 50)sts.


Pattern #20 Men’s Hoodie

photo on page 41, instructions begin on page 80
Updated: 01Sep2011

Stitch key
2-st RC should read 2-st RT
2-st LC should read 2-st LT


Pattern #21 Textured Cardigan

photo on page 42, instructions begin on page 81
Updated: 05Oct2011

1. Stitches that are slipped wyib on RS should be purled on the WS.

2. Clarification:

Right Front

Work the rib as for the left front.
Row 1 (RS) P2, sl 1 wyib, k19, sl 1 wyib (the center edge) work rib pattern over the last 23 (30, 37) sts and place on a holder for pocket, then cast on 23 sts behind the holder to replace these stitches and work the rib over these stitches for the pocket lining.
You are now set up to work chart pat on center edge and rib pattern on side edge.
Cont as for left front until Shape neck and sleeve edge.
Row 1(RS) Work in pat to end of row, cast on 9 sts.
Row 2 P9, work in pat to end.
Shift row 1 (RS) Work in pat over 23 (30, 37) sts, pm, ssk, rib 17 (24, 31) M1 Purl, pm, p2, sl 1 [k3, MB] twice.
Work even in pats for 7 rows more.
Shift row 2 (RS) Work in pat over 23 (30, 37) sts, sm, ssk, rib to next marker, M1 Purl, sm, work to end. Work 7 rows even.
Shift row 3 (RS) Work to marker, sm, ssk, work to next marker, M1 Knit, sm, work to end. Work 7 rows even.
Rep last 8 rows 4 times more—55 (62, 69) sts.
Cont as for Left Front reversing shoulder shaping by binding off sts at beg of WS rows.


Pattern #27 Scarf

photos on page 49, instructions begin on page 87
Updated: 01Aug2011

Corrections are underlined.

Rows 2 and 4 Sl 1 purlwise, *k2, p4; rep from * to the last 3 sts, k2, sl 1 purlwise.
Rows 6 and 8 Sl 1 purlwise, p3, k2, *p4, k2; rep from * to last 4 sts, p3, sl 1 purlwise.


Pattern #28 Beret

photos on page 51, instructions begin on page 88
Updated: 11Aug2011

The crochet portion of this beret was designed by Sheila McCourtie.


Pattern #35 Ribbed Beret

photos on page 56, instructions begin on page 91
Updated: 20Sept2011

Correction is underlined.

Page 92

Change to ….
Next rnd [Rib 28, pm] 5 times, rib to end.


Last Stitch

page 96
Updated: 28Jul2011

• The pattern for Jennifer Amy Carlson’s spiral beanie, featured in her article “Charity Begins at Home” is from “Hat Heads” by Trond Anfinnsen.