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Family Circle Easy Knitting Spring/Summer 2001

Family Circle Easy Knitting Spring/Summer 2001

Pattern #5

The “purl 2 tog” symbol should have been drawn over one square, not two. To work the chart as shown, work to the first decrease, work symbol as “k1, p2tog”, work to the next decrease, work symbol as “p2tog, k1, work to end. For example, row 3 should read: K24 (28), p2tog, k1, m1 purl, k1, m1 purl, k1, p2tog, k24 (28).

Pattern #10

Next (dec) row (RS)
should read:
K6 (5, 6, 3), k2tog, k2, k2tog, k2 (3, 2, 3)*; rep between *’s a total of 16 (16, 19, 19) times, k6 (3, 6, 2)

Pattern #30

Next row (RS) Rep dec row—12 sts dec’d and 78 (84, 90) sts rem. Work 3 rows even.
Rep last 4 rows 5 (6, 6) times more—18 (12, 18) sts.

Pattern #31

Next (buttonhole) row (RS) should read:
Dec 2 sts, k2, yo, k2tog, k2, inc 1—9 sts.

Pattern #42, page 93

Third column, first line, should read:
(counts as first dc), work 23 dc in ring, sl st to….