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Family Circle Easy Knitting Fall 2005

Family Circle Easy Knitting Fall 2005

Pattern #10

Page 86


Cast on 12 sts. P 1 row on WS.

Work in St st, shaping collar using short rows as follows:

Next row (RS) +K9, *w & t, purl back*, k6, rep from * to *, k3, rep from * to *.
Next Row (RS) K3, **knit the wrap tog with the slipped st, knit to next slipped st**, rep from ** to ** twice more, k to end. Purl back.+
Rep from + to + 44 times more. Bind off across.

Pattern #17

Page 124

Pattern Stitch

Row 4 Knit.

Pattern # 20

Page 95

Yarn is to be used double stranded throughout scarf.

9 sts and 4 rows to 4”/10cm over pat st using size 17 needles with yarn used double.

With yarn used double, cast on 14 sts.

Pattern #22

Pages 95 and 96

Yarn amounts are correct.
Disregard Note to use double strand. Garment is worked in single strand throughout.

Pattern # 31

Pages 102 and 103

Yarn amount for #03108 medium blue is incorrect.

Should read: 3(4, 4) balls #03108 medium blue.