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Fall 2007

Corrections are underlined.

PATTERN #6 Shawl-Collared Jacket

photo on page 31, instructions on page 71
Updated: 26Oct2009

Work row 1 and the next two following rows as directed, change to 2 strands of C and purl next row on WS. Continue in rib with 2 strands C as directed


PATTERN #11 Scarf Tied Hat

photo on page 35, instructions on page 76

The instructions for shaping the top are incorrect. Please replace with the following.

Shape top

Change to dpn, and dec as foll:

Next rnd *P3tog; rep from * to last 1 (0) st, p1(0) – 28 (30) sts.

Next rnd *P2tog; rep from * around – 14 (15) sts.


PATTERN #13 Tasseled Earflap Hat

photo on page 37, instructions on page 77
Updated: 17Jan2011

Correction is underlined

Hat body
Rnd 15
*K 4 (5), k2tog; rep from * around - 30 (36) sts.


PATTERN #16 Cowl-Necked Vest

photo on page 40, instructions on page 79
Updated: 21Jul2010

Right front section
Row 75
K5, p2, p2tog, [k4, p2, p2tog] 3 times, k3 - 32 sts.


PATTERN #18 Mitten Chart

Decrease row should read:

[K2, k2tog, k to 2 sts before marker, ssk, sl marker, k _ ] x2 . Work 1 rnd even.

PATTERN #23 Hexagon Bag

photo on page 48, instructions begin on pg 88



Slip next 2 sts, one at a time, to RH needle as if to knit


PATTERN #24 Mitered Jacket

photo on page 49, instructions on page 89
Updated: 06Oct2014

Under Cap Shaping, the first subhead should read 'For Size Large Only', and the second subhead should read 'For Size 1X Only'.


PATTERN #27 Scalloped Cardi

photo on pg 54, instructions on pg 92

correction is underlined


Crochet instrux are incorrect, replace with the following:

With RS facing and crochet hook, work 2 rows sc evenly around fronts……