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Corrections are underlined

Holiday 2006


Pattern #2 Striped Stocking

Photo on page 27, instrux begin on page 63

The definition of S2KP (centered double decrease) was omitted.

S2KP - Sl 2 sts knitwise to RH needle, k1, pass 2 sl sts over k st.


Pattern #5 Red Accessories

photo on page 30, instrux on page 67.
Updated: 10Nov2008


Turn heel
Next row (RS)
K12, (14), SKP. *Turn work.
Next row (WS) Sl 1, p4 (6), p2tog, turn work.
Next row (RS) Sl 1, k4 (6), SKP; rep from *.... continue as written.


Pattern #8 Felted Wreath

Photo on page 33, instrux begin on page 70

Color names and numbers are correct, but were listed incorrectly for usage.

Please use the colors as follows (corrections are underlined):

#101 Jungle Multi - A - use for wreath base

#66 Poppy - C - use for poinsettia petals

#40 Goldenrod - F - use for poinsettia berries

#D Spruce - E - use for poinsettia leaves

#13 Green - B - use for holly leaves

#115 Flame multi - D - use for holly berries, use double stranded

There is a typo in the Workshop on page 32. The poinsettia petals are worked single strand, the holly berries are worked double stranded as in the instructions.


Pattern #14 Garter Turtleneck

photo on page 39, instrux on page 77.
Updated: 29Jun2010

Join back and front
Next row (RS)
K 102 (102, 104, 106, 106) sts, cast on 7 sts for right front neck edge, with same ball of yarn, k 95 (95, 97, 99, 99) sts….continue as written.


Pattern #18 Seaman’s scarf

photo on page 41, instrux on page 79

yarn info was omitted

Merino Santa Maria by Rio de la Plata

3.5oz/100g hanks, each approx 164yds/150m (merino wool)


Pattern #20 Bamboo Scarf

photo on page 41, instrux on page 80.

The stitch counts for rows 11 and 12 are correct, although there is a typo in the punctuation.

Row 11 P2, *k4, p8; rep from *, end p6.

Row 12 K6, *p4, k8; rep from *, end k2.

Row 11 directs you to end with a p6 instead of a p8, row 12 ends with a k2 instead of a k8.


Pattern #23 Cabled Scarf

photo on page 42, instrux on page 82.

Correction is underlined.

Cast on 113 sts.


Pattern #33 Earflap Hat

Photo on page 50, instrux begin on page 92

Ear flap and crochet edging were omitted.


Mark beg of cast-on edge as center back. With RS facing, larger needles and hot pink, beg at 8th(9th, 11th) st to the left of center back and pick up 16 sts along cast-on edge. Knit 1 row. Working stripe pattern in reverse, knit 2 rows each pumpkin, natural, green, turquoise, hot pink, pumpkin. Continue in pat and dec 1 st each side every WS row 7 times, end with first row of turquoise – 2 sts rem. Bind off.

Rep on right side of hat for second earflap.

Crochet edging

With crochet hook and natural, beg at center back of hat and work 1 sc in every st along cast on row and in every other row along ear flaps. Fasten off.