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Spring/Summer 2012

Pattern #1 V-Neck Blouse

photos on page 22 and 23, instructions begin on page 58
Updated: 18Apr2012

Correction is underlined.

(multiple of 5 sts plus 3)
Row 1 (RS) *K3, with RH needle held in front of work, k the 2nd st without dropping from needle, then k the first st and let both sts fall from needle for knot st; rep from *, end k3.
Row 2 Purl.
Rep rows 1 and 2 for knot st pat.

With smaller needles….Piece measures 6"/15cm from beg. Change to larger needles.


Pattern #2 Poncho Stype Top

photo on page 24, instructions begin on page 59
Updated: 25Jun2012

Correction is underlined.

Work same as for right back until there are 56 rows worked in the shadow stripe pat.


Pattern #6 Striped Boat-Neck Sweater

photo on page 27, instructions begin on page 65
Updated: 16Jul2012

Corrections are underlined.

page 65
Inc row (RS) K2, kfb, k to last 4 sts, kfb, k3.

page 66
Shape cap
Dec rows 2 and 4 should be (WS) rows.


Pattern #29 Textured Dress

photo on page 49, instructions begin on page 81
Updated: 02Oct2012

Correction is underlined.


Rnd 2 [Kfb, k to 1 st before next marker, kfb, sl marker] 4 times - 8 sts inc'd.
Rnd 3 Knit.
Rep last 2 rnds 10 (12, 13, 14, 16) times more—154 (178, 190, 206, 226) sts.

Divide for body and sleeves
Final number of sts in rnd should be 90 (102, 110, 118, 130) sts.


Pattern #31 Ruffled Dress

photo on page 51, instructions begin on page 83
Updated: 31May2012

Correction is underlined.


Row 7 Inc 1 st in each st across - 80 sts.