Knit Simple Magazine App IconNow you can get more than issues of Knit Simple in our new magazine iPad and Android app! The downloaded magazines will reside in the app's digital library for access wherever you go—your tablet is the newest addition to your knitting bag!

*NOTE: While it is possible to download the app to your iPod and Smartphones, we recommend using the app exclusively on tablets for maximum clarity and functionality.

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Knit Simple Magazine AppPrint subscribers can get the digital edition for free! Now all the patterns, products, and articles are at your fingertips, for access wherever you are. Just follow these simple steps to access your digital copy of the magazine.

1. Download the free Knit Simple Magazine app, available in the iTunes store, Google Play store or on to your device.

2. Open the app, and click Log In. To sign in, enter your email address for BOTH the email and the password.

3. Go to the Editions page to find the current issue of Knit Simple! All issues of your subscription will be available.

Not working?
Did you log in using the email address you gave when subscribing to the print version of Knit Simple? This is how your subscription is confirmed. Not sure which email you gave?

Click here to access your account information. All changes are updated on Monday nights.


For queries involving technical difficulties with your app or in-app purchases or downloads, please contact Please be as specific as possible in your query to ensure that you can receive the best possible assistance. Additionally, please limit your questions to technical issues only regarding the app and its contents.


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