Your knitted project can be a base for adding a wide variety of creative extras, such as fringe. Perfect on scarves, afghans, sweaters and more, fringe can be made in several styles and from different materials to add an element of fun to your knitting.

simple fringe knotted fringe  
Simple fringe Cut yarn twice the desired length plus extra for knotting. On the wrong side, insert the hook from front to back through the piece and over the folded yarn. Pull the yarn through. Draw the ends through and tighten. Trim the yarn. Knotted fringe After working a simple fringe (it should be longer to account for extra knotting), take half of the strands from each fringe and knot them with half the strands from the neighboring fringe.  
knitted fringe knitted fringe  
Knitted fringe This applied fringe is worked side to side. Cast on stitches to approximately one-fifth the desired length of the fringe. Work garter stitch to the desired width of the fringe band. Bind off four to five stitches. Unravel remaining stitches to create the fringe, which may be left looped or cut. Apply the fringe to your garment at the garter stitch border.  

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